Badass Roman Reigns Got Married On A Disney Cruise This Past Weekend

“This is my honeymoon, so y’all better be thankful…”

One of the few (very few) highlights of last night’s Slammys was the return of Roman Reigns, who was his regular “rarrgh, believe I’m gonna kick your teeth down your throat” self. Hmmm, but what was Mr. Badass doing during his time off? Getting married at Disney’s Castaway Cay of course! I’m not sure which mascot officiated the wedding – maybe Chip in his Rescue Rangers jacket and fedora. He’s pretty badass, right?

Here’s a few pics from the big day…


D’awwww, okay, no more ragging on Roman for getting married on a Disney Cruise, I promise. Nice work on achieving a real thing while on a break from achieving fake things dude.

via Wrestling Inc.