WWE’s Ban Of Chris Jericho Extends To The Name Of A Wrestling Move


Chris Jericho didn’t invent the double knee facebuster, but the move is now so closely associated with him that it is now almost always called the Codebreaker. But according to the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, that won’t be the case in WWE anymore. The company’s ban on the man who left them for their new competitor, All Elite Wrestling, now extends beyond who is allowed to appear on his podcast to how performers and announcers talk about wrestling.

This comes shortly after Jericho said that Ricochet had asked him specifically if he could start using the move as “something a little less impactful as far as doing something from the top rope” after doing his 630 almost every night had started to take its toll on his body. In this case, Jericho actually recommended calling it something else, saying, “People might think it’s associated with me, but you know, I haven’t been there for two years, so here today, gone later today.”

Jericho has yet to respond, in or out of kayfabe, to the reported ban on WWE announcers calling the move the Codebreaker, but this sure sounds like the type of insider drama that could be referenced on a future Being The Elite – maybe even in an episode title. Wrestling Warz, everybody!