Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Nixed Batista’s Return At SummerSlam 2014 For A Hilarious And Crazy Reason

Batista’s return to a WWE ring in 2014 was a disaster from the beginning. First, the news of his return leaked months ahead of time, causing the company to make a formal announcement and ruin any element of surprise. Then word spread that he would be main eventing WrestleMania instead of wrestling darling Daniel Bryan, and everyone was eager to boo him. Ironically, if you recall, it was Roman Reigns who was getting cheered as someone who the audience wanted to upset Batista at Royal Rumble 2014. Life comes at you fast. Batista was also blamed for CM Punk’s departure from pro wrestling, because it was well-known Punk was fed up with part-time guys headlining ‘Mania instead of him. It all added up to a cocktail for Batista to fail.

But let’s not get it twisted: Batista was entertaining as hell once he was allowed to be his natural heel self towards the end of that return run. He was wearing the gaudiest Jordans and blue trunks, obnoxious suits and returning to the great heel form he showed before he left WWE the first time.

Batista was on MLW Radio this week and talked about that return. He also elaborated on another return he wanted to make, at SummerSlam 2014. The idea was simply that he wanted to have the No. 1 movie in the world with Guardians of the Galaxy and a headline spot at SummerSlam, because synergy. But Triple H and Stephanie had other ideas:

“I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I was back and I was also in the No. 1 movie in the world?’ And they kind of had a snicker and [they said] ‘… We don’t know if the movie’s going to be that good.’ … It was a very uncomfortable moment where I think they were just kind of doubting me and laughing in my face”

Yes. According to Batista, Triple H and Stephanie didn’t see much cross-promotional opportunities because they didn’t think Guardians of the friggin’ Galaxy would perform well in the box office. This is the same company that cross-promoted The Rock at WrestleMania XX with Walking Tall.

Poor Batista. I hope the slights and disrespect doesn’t deter him from making another return as Heeltista, because Heeltista is the best.