Batman Hits Killer Croc With An RKO From Outta Nowhere In The Latest ‘Arkham Knight’ DLC

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.28.15 9 Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight dropped its latest DLC, entitled “Season of Infamy,” on Dec. 22 You can do a lot in it — fight ninjas in a hospital, fight the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, get emo with Mr. Freeze — but the highlight for any wrestling fan is the “Beneath the Surface” mission, in which Batman and Nightwing for real drop Killer Croc with RKOs. I don’t know why this exists, but my job as The Internet demands I show it to you.


I love that the guy who recorded the video’s only English statements are in the form of Michael Cole. “Oh my God, RKO!” “RKO from Night-ving, oh my gah.” But how much of a mark is Killer Croc, taking four RKOs and thinking that’s not good enough for the finish?

I’d pay an extra 40 bucks for DLC that just turned Batman into Randy Orton, and let me snake-jump around Gotham hitting criminals with dropkicks and inverted headlock backbreakers. Let me punt Firefly just once, I’m begging you. (Plus, Randy Orton as Batman makes sense if you think of John Cena as Superman, which everyone does. Who’s Nightwing, then? Seth Rollins? Legacy-era Cody Rhodes?)

(Video via Reddit)

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