Bayley Talks ‘WWE 2K17,’ The Best And Worst Huggers In WWE And Being The Third Hardy Boy

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.14.16 11 Comments Sports

Here at With Spandex we’ve got hyperbolic opinions, and they change on a dime. One person we haven’t wavered on, however, is WWE Superstar Bayley.

From her humble beginnings as a naive, too-handsy rookie obsessed with meeting and glorifying her idols to her current spot as a former NXT Women’s Champion and anchor of the Raw women’s division, Bayley’s torn it up in WWE rings for years, and shown that good guys can actually be good. Socially and professionally.

This year marks Bayley’s first appearance in a WWE video game — WWE 2K17, released on Tuesday — and we had a chance to talk to her about that milestone. We talked to her about her favorite games, her WrestleMania dream entrance, what it takes to be a member of fictitious Team Extreme — spoiler alert, it involves cargo pants — and the best and worst huggers in WWE.

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