WWE Superstar Bayley Provided An Update On Her Shoulder Injury

Senior Editor, Sports
08.16.17 11 Comments


Bayley has had a pretty rough go of things since moving to the WWE main roster. Sure, she’s held the Raw Women’s Championship and had a WrestleMania moment, but she’s still seen her beloved NXT character be undermined by some of the worst segments in recent memory. Oh yeah, and she got injured right after earning a title match at SummerSlam, the second-biggest WWE event of the year. That’s bad, too!

Bayley’s shoulder injury — which she suffered in a match on Raw against Nia Jax a couple of weeks ago — was bad enough to put her out of action until after SummerSlam, but she’s still in New York City helping make the media rounds during SummerSlam week. In an interview with PWInsider, she gave an update on her injury and health status, and as you might expect from Bayley, she’s looking at the positive side of all of it.

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