Bayley Talked About The Pros And Cons Of Being On The WWE Main Roster

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Bayley’s time on the WWE main roster since being called up has been a real mixed bag. Mostly a mixed bag of butts, though. Pretty much every aspect of the character that fans fell so in love with in NXT has been wiped away, and at the moment, Bayley is sort of hanging around the periphery of the women’s division on Raw, possibly with an eye to trying things again after a cooling-off period. That’s probably best for all involved at this point.

Another thing that would be good for all involved is to try moving her to Smackdown Live, but that ship has probably sailed.

Bayley stopped by Steve Austin’s podcast this week. (The clean version of the podcast, of course, because Bayley.) She talked about the positives and negatives of moving from NXT to the main roster. Thankfully, she was way more tactful than “well, they wrote bad things for me.” (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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