NXT Women’s Champion Bayley Is In No Hurry To Get To The WWE Main Roster

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.30.15 25 Comments


In an interview with Independent, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley explained that while she’d love to join her fellow “Four Horsewomen” Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks on WWE’s main roster, she’s not rushing to make it happen.

Here’s a piece of what she had to say:

“I definitely want to be a part of it but I’m not in any rush right now. NXT is so huge and we’re already doing something very special here, so if I was on the main roster right now I’d feel that I was missing out with what’s going on in NXT.

“We have Asuka, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Carmella and all these girls who are just waiting to change the division even more than it already has. They’re going to take it to a different level so selfishly I still want to be part of that.

“I’m glad I still get to be here and experience it with them but ultimately I want to join Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch in WWE. What they’re doing right now is amazing and I know how much it means to them. I’m super proud of them and everything they’re going through to change women’s wrestling.”

That sounds a lot better than, “Have you seen what happens to the women when they get called up? Have you look at Charlotte’s face during a promo lately? That is DARKNESS. Why would I pass up an opportunity to wrestle Asuka in a beloved 20-minute match of importance to go ham it up for 90 seconds as the world’s most basic version of myself on Raw and fed ass-first into a distraction rollup? I got lucky. I can hang out here for a while and be the respected veteran, and I’ll still have that big money and world travel guaranteed when I’m done having fun and performing the specific kind of art that made me want to be a wrestler in the first place. Worst case scenario, I’ll wait until they’re done insisting on the Divas Revolution, they’ve brought back the Women’s Championship and thrown the butterfly belt in the garbage. Maybe Brie Bella will be retired by then. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

In all seriousness, I think I speak for everyone when we say, “we’re not in a hurry to have you on Raw either, Bayley, keep doing what you’re doing, and maybe tell the Mayor of Full Sail to cut it out with the Hey We Want Some Bayleys.”

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