Becky Lynch Keeps Dominating Twitter And Earns Praise From A WWE Legend

01.23.19 6 months ago 12 Comments


Sometimes it feels strange to cover what wrestlers are saying on Twitter on a web site like this one, but it’s 2019, and at a certain point we just have to accept that Twitter is where a big part of the story of professional wrestling is being told, both behind the scenes and in kayfabe. Just recently, the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley took to Twitter (and Walt Disney World) to express his support for The Man Becky Lynch at this weekend’s Royal Rumble Event:

Becky Lynch has a Smackdown Women’s Title match at the Royal Rumble, but many fans also expect her to enter and possibly win the women’s Royal Rumble match itself, earning her way to a WrestleMania match against Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Along the way, Becky has continued to use Twitter effectively, like when she put her own spin on the events of last night’s Smackdown Live:

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