Being Married To Jimmy Uso Got Naomi Dumped From ‘Total Divas’ For Real

“I know you been hanging around with opportunities, girl. I’ve seen you with them.”

Anybody’s who’s been watching WWE programming for the past month knows Jimmy Uso is the flat-out worst. The dude seems to live to block any opportunities that come his wife’s way, and squander the few that do manage to slip through his defenses. But hey, that’s just storyline stuff, right? Well, it turns out being married to an Uso recently set Naomi’s career back in a very real way.

Naomi isn’t going to be a part of the next season of Total Divas, a move she made clear wasn’t her choice on Twitter

But why? Well, according to the Wrestling Observer, it’s all down to Naomi’s recent marriage to Jimmy Uso. The Total Divas producers feel the marriage has rendered Naomi uninteresting, since any kind of love triangles are now out and Nattie and Tyson are already hogging all the dysfunctional marriage drama.

Of course, ironically, just as Naomi is dumped from one show for having a boring, normal marriage, she’s embroiled in a jealous love-triangle with her husband and The Miz on regular WWE programming. Is WWE making the Naomi-Jimmy union look terrible on Raw and Smackdown because the couple weren’t down for doing it on a “reality” show like Total Divas? I have no proof of that, but it’s certainly the kind of thing I’d expect from WWE.

Take heed ladies – I know Jey Uso is still available and that seems like a pretty attractive prospect, but it’s just not worth the risk to your career. Just say Uce-no.

via Wrestling Inc.