Believe It Or Not, Former Pro Wrestler Chyna Visited WWE Headquarters

After announcing her crowdfunding effort to fund a documentary about her life, her struggles, and reconnecting with old friends on her path to redemption, former pro wrestler Chyna showed up at the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Conn. Or, you know, she posed in front of a big logo somewhere.

This surprising tweet from the documentary filmmaker comes hot on the heels of an appearance on Opie with Jim Norton on SiriusXM a few days ago, wherein she got into an on-air argument with X-Pac as he tried to shoot down rumors of her being drugged and alleged physical abuse by her ex-partner, Triple H. Yup, that’s current news in 2015. Regardless, she’s laid out some pretty serious allegations against X-Pac, Triple H, and WWE themselves, so she seems like the least likely person to be allowed anywhere near a WWE building, let alone all of the office workers still reeling from the Brock Lesnar attack of 2013.

Let’s hope this is the thing that finally sticks and not just another failed attempt to get her life back on track, followed up with leaked cell phone footage of her being escorted from the WWE building. Wrestling sure does make you opimistic, doesn’t it?