The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 2/16/16: Nagroc The Terrible

02.20.16 2 years ago 12 Comments

Alright! So, we’re back it. I assume there’s a huge crossover fanbase between these two shows, but in case you missed the explanation in the Total Divas recaps, we missed last week due to some really crummy and almost very serious health issues. The good news is we’re still gonna plow through these past two episodes so everyone knows what’s going on, even if just watching the actual shows doesn’t really make that entirely clear. The better news is we’re gonna breeze through last week’s episode because too much Impact without the benefit of being heavily medicated is a terrible idea. And even then…

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This week on Impact: We’re doubling down on the last two episodes, so get yourself a glass of water, take a deep breath, and hunker down for as much Impact Wrestling as you can fit in your facehole.

Here’s What I remember From Watching Last Week’s Show…Last Week

– Cracking open a brand new bottle of DayQuil
– Cooing and gently pawing at the screen when Rockstar Spud showed up
– Making a very impassioned mental argument that Nadine is the best and most tragic character on Twin Peaks outside of the sexually abused murder victim and Audrey Horne is very pretty but can go f-ck herself
– writing a text to someone on the show asking if Dixie Carter wears a lot of perfume and then never sending it because it seemed like a weird thing to ask (I still want to know, FYI)
– Matt Hardy???
– ???

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