The Best And Worst Of NWA World Championship Wrestling 11/2/85: May The Force Be With You

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.28.16 67 Comments

WWE Network

Welcome to the very first edition of The Best And Worst Of NWA World Championship Wrestling, our new vintage column dedicated to the company that would eventually become WCW.

If you want to watch this episode (the first episode of the show available) on WWE Network — and honestly, I don’t expect any of you to remember or even be old enough to remember ANY of this — you can do that here. We’re going to take a fun, mostly objective look back at pro wrestling history in the time and place I grew up in, and I’m doing furious, nerdy research to fill in my knowledge gaps.

If you like this concept and want it to continue, it is your civic duty to share this column, leave us a comment and discuss the show and/or the persons and events involved. If nobody reads it, I’m gonna write a 180-word blog fart about who is reportedly backstage at Smackdown. TRY ME.

And now, God bless us, the Best and Worst of NWA World Championship Wrestling for November 2, 1985.

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