The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 12/2/15: Liv Like You Were Dying

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12.04.15 90 Comments

Previously on the Best and Worst of NXT: Bayley had to fend off a shady referee, a shady senior referee, a manipulative egomaniac challenger who might hurt her trying to wrestle, a monstrous outside threat AND Michael Cole as special guest general manager to defeat Eva Marie and retain the NXT Women’s Championship. Also, the Vaudevillains are getting fed up with being the Vaudeheroes, Samoa Joe is awesome and SAMI ZAYN is coming back. London’s gonna be great. (The report for last week’s show went up yesterday, in case you missed it.)

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Best/Worst: Missed Opportunities

First off, how do you have Baron Corbin face a guy who calls himself the “Perfect 10” and not have that guy get beaten in exactly 10 seconds? I know Corbin’s not really doing the counting gimmick anymore and you don’t want to make Dillinger look like a joke, but come on, it’s right there.

Aside from that, Corbin is continuing to grow into one of the under-the-radar best guys on the roster, and that makes me happy. That spinning belly-to-back he pulled off was gorgeous, and every time he catches someone in the middle of something and just throws them around into position for an End of Days is great. As for Dillinger, the Perfect 10 is great, but they really need to devote some time to playing with it. He hasn’t gotten a lot of TV time since debuting the gimmick, especially not in any kind of winning capacity, so right now all he really is is a hand gesture.

I’ve got a feeling Corbin vs. Crews in London is going to be really great, and I appreciate the fact that I don’t automatically know who’ll win. Well, Crews will win, but you know what I’m saying. NXT’s great at creating a benefit of the doubt.

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