The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 11/23/15: You Have Ruined Our Jamboree

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11.24.15 104 Comments
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Previously on the Best and Worst of Raw: Survivor Series happened, and Roman Reigns became your Inevitable WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He refused to shake hands with Triple H and speared him, so Sheamus showed up and cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Now Sheamus is the damn WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Roman is the champion of Foolish Pride. Also, Bray Wyatt is terrible.

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And now, the Best and Worst of WWE Raw for November 23, 2015.

Worst: Break The Damn Mold

If you were hoping they’d follow up the excitement of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament and a Money in the Bank cash-in with 20 minutes of explanation to set up a bunch of rematches and confuse everyone’s alignments and motivations, HOT DOG, DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

That’s … probably way more jaded than it needed to be, but it’s what happened.

Everyone who matters is injured or on vacation, so they’ve got an excuse — read: a chance — to do something different. If it doesn’t work, they can just do what they were doing before when everyone they want to do it with gets back. The tournament was great, and despite the stressful conversation he always causes, Roman Reigns tore it up and won the championship. Sheamus, despite being cold boogers on a paper plate for months and losing to a f*cking Uso (one Uso) earlier in the night, cashed in to steal the belt from Roman and align himself with The Authority. He’s well established as Triple H’s bro in real life, so it works. Plus, we can build to an exciting confrontation between two big, classically-pushable WWE types who don’t mind hitting each other for real to make a match better.

Instead of doing anything to build off the night and go in a new direction, we open with The Authority, who are bad guys, explaining in convincing detail why they’re absolutely not the bad guys. Sheamus shows up and Roman Reigns follows, and we go right into chatty arguments about rematch clauses and doing it RIGHT HERE TONIGHT! Triple H says Roman can’t get a title shot until he says so, and then immediately gives Roman a title shot at TLC. It’s the same thing they’ve been doing since the Shield broke up. Triple H hates Roman Reigns and John Cena and will do anything to keep them from being champion, so he, the man in charge of making the matches and deciding what happens on the shows, repeatedly gives them title shots and puts the members of his own heel faction at a disadvantage. Should we give Roman a match on Raw and just screw him out of it while he’s still hurting from Survivor Series? No, let’s give him a month to prepare and set him up for a match where he doesn’t even have to pin his opponent to get the title back. Maybe that’ll set up some future swerves we haven’t had time to write yet. Sure, it’s fine.

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