The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 11/11/96: I’m Your Man

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Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: Eric Bischoff traveled to a Nitro Party in Portland, Oregon, to try to get Rowdy Roddy Piper to agree to a match against Hollywood Hogan. He absolutely could not have done this over the phone. The show ended with the second consecutive main-event recap of Piper’s return at Halloween Havoc ’96, and Hogan sorta mindlessly talking about it for several minutes. We are extremely comfortable beating Raw in the ratings, guys!

Click here to watch this week’s episode on WWE Network. You can catch up with all the previous episodes on the Best and Worst of Nitro tag page, and you totally should.

As for now, please scroll through for the vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for Nov. 11, 1996.

Best: Jeff Jarrett Gets His

Since showing up in WCW, Jeff Jarrett’s story has been, “I’m a bad guy from the WWF, but I’m DUBYA SEE DUBYA ALL THE WAY BABY! F*ck the nWo! F*ck that traitor Sting! I cain’t wait to be alone with my baby tonight, and my baby is the dubya see dubya!” On last week’s episode he cut a tone-deaf promo about how he was the leader of WCW and the leader of the Four Horsemen, despite two of the four being there beside him saying, “we hate this guy, he ain’t the leader of sh*t.”

On this week’s episode, Jarrett wrestles one of those four, Chris Benoit. The match itself is fun while it lasts, but it’s all about the finish. Jarrett starts strutting in the ring, and motherf*cking CROW STING shows up out of oblivion to Scorpion Death Drop him for running his mouth. If you’ve ever wondered why WCW fans were so enamored with this version of Sting, it’s for moments like this. Watching from the outside, you can’t really do anything about these Jeff Jarrett types who show up and talk too much and waste the show’s time. Sting, though, Sting can show up from out of nowhere or repel down from the ceiling or jump in from a f*cking helicopter and dish out righteous justice.

The post-match stuff is pretty funny, too, with Woman using the worst logic ever to unite the Horsemen.

Woman: “You should help him up.”
Woman: “He’s WCW! We don’t know who Sting is! But Jeff Jarrett is WCW, so help him up. You should really help him up. Help him up. Sting, the guy who has been a company man for 10 years, we don’t know his allegiances! The guy who beat up the nWo at War Games because WCW doubted him, we have no way of telling which side he’s on. But Jeff Jarrett, the guy who’s been here for a few weeks, the heel from the WWF who has shown up acting real suspicious about how much he wants to lead us in a fight against heels from the WWF, he’s definitely WCW. So help him up.”

(I’m paraphrasing.)

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