The Best And Worst Of WCW Tuesday Nitro 7/22/97: Tuesday’s Gone

Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: We were not ready for the debut of the Nitro Girls. At least this week they ditch the chairs and go for the simpler choreography of, “stomp in place like a horse that can count, then Bushwhacker walk off-screen.”

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And now, the Best and Worst of WCW Tuesday Nitro for July 22, 1997.

Wait, Tuesday Nitro?

That’s right. Remember back in April (of 1997) when Nitro became an hour-long pre-show for the NBA Playoffs? This week, Nitro gets completely bumped from Monday in favor of the only thing 1990s TNT loved more than basketball and wrestling: Americana prestige drama.

On back-to-back nights, TNT aired Rough Riders, an original miniseries about how badly your grandpa wants to record this on VHS but can’t figure out how. The miniseries stars Gary Busey as Major General Joseph Wheeler, R. Lee Ermey as Secretary of State John Hay and Sam Elliott as Bucky! Captain Bucky O’Hare. He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare.

Here’s Tom Berenger definitely winning an Emmy for his starring role as Theodore Roosevelt from the Hall of Presidents.

To be honest, I’d rather watch four hours of this over two nights than sit through another Konnan match.