The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 10/1/15: Clapping Your Demons Away

10.02.15 4 years ago 22 Comments

Previously on The Best and Worst of Smackdown: Kane is now in charge of Smackdown, even though he refuses to stop chokeslamming The Authority’s hand-picked champion, which I got really irrationally angry about. Meanwhile, Natalya emerged as the surprising voice of reason against Paige, who’s now the living embodiment of WWE, and Cesaro barely managed to beat Bo Dallas. Also, uh, some former Shield guys wrestled in the main-event! Man, this new format isn’t going to work quite as well with Smackdown, is it?

Keep on a-scrollin’ for The Best and Worst of Smackdown for Oct. 1, 2015.

Worst: Everything Is Still Stupid And Terrible

Update: I still hate this stupid garbage storyline! I realize I’d be much happier if I could enjoy this Kane stuff ironically, but I can’t do it. It’s dumb, but it’s not dumb enough to be funny. Kane should be jumping into conspicuously-placed phone booths and transforming from Corporate Kane to Demon Kane in a puff of smoke. He should be bringing in fellow demons to vouch for the fact that Demon Kane was chilling in hell while Corporate Kane was booking Seth Rollins in a tag match or whatever. Instead, WWE has maintained this certain dreary level of underlying realism that kills the thing.

There needs to be some hint or tease that there is more than one Kane. That something strange actually is going on. As it is, we just have this guy everybody knows has two personas shrugging and saying “no I don’t” over and over again in the face of obvious, damning evidence to contrary. Kane is a manipulative dickhole and for some reason everybody in WWE is on his side or at least turning a blind eye. Is there a conspiracy within WWE to drive Seth Rollins insane? Why don’t The Authority care that their golden boy is being harassed and mentally tortured? Also, am I supposed to be siding with Kane through all this? That passive-aggressive jerkwad is the most unlikable heel WWE has had in years.

Seth comes out to complain about the HR lady nonsense from Raw, which apparently has had no lasting repercussions, so really, who cares? Rollins rightfully points out that Kane’s actions are either baldly manipulative, or the work of a man with dangerous mental issues, to which Kane fires back with a stinging “I know you’re crazy, but what am I?” Kane then books Rollins and The New Day vs. Demon Kane and The Dudleyz. Okay, I’ll admit Kane booking Kane was kind of clever. Seth says that he refuses to wrestle the match unless Corporate Kane is also at ringside, and Kane agrees. Wait, Seth can refuse to take part in Kane-booked matches? Why doesn’t he do that, I dunno, ALL THE TIME? How will Kane manage to be in two places at once? No spoilers, but the answer will disappoint and bore you!

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