Who’s The Most Iconic Wrestler Of All-Time? We Built A Tournament To Find Out

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03.14.16 114 Comments


This year, Uproxx and With Spandex have decided to celebrate March Madness by getting the wrestling community at each other’s throats in an attempt to name the most iconic pro wrestler of all-time. We need your votes, your heated conversation, and your vehement defense of why, say, Macho Man is cooler than Ric Flair. He’s not, but we need your defense anyway.

A few notes:

  • You’ll notice that we split these up into “regions” labeled “WWF,” “WWE,” “International” and “Non-WWE North American.” That’s mostly for classification purposes. WWF is for pre-1996 WWE stuff, WWE is post-1996, International is Mexico and Japan, and Non-WWE North American covers WCW and ECW.
  • We need you to not get too hung up on who gets placed in which region, because if we’re being honest, we just had to get certain people on the list. For example, sure, you might know Eddie Guerrero best from his time in WWE, but would you rather him not get a spot? If you know Rey Mysterio from WCW or WWE and are wondering why he counts as international, that’s awesome, try not to be too upset that we counted him as lucha libre.
  • “Iconic” is a hard word to define. If this was a list of my favorite wrestlers, it’d be Jumbo Tsuruta and all the 1990s All Japan guys. Think of iconic as relevant to both casual and regular fans. Someone who crosses over between the two and resonates with people who watch obsessive, and people who’ve only tuned in a few times. Or, you know, let’s all agree that Dean Malenko is the most iconic and skip voting entirely.
  • We want your conversation, seriously, so let us know why you voted for who you voted for in our comments section below. If we left off someone you think deserves consideration, write them in. You know how wrestling tournaments work. Someone always gets hurt, and plans change at the last minute.
  • Round two voting will begin on Wednesday, March 16. Vote early and often until then.

For now, let’s start round one and see who’ll be crowned the most iconic pro wrestler of all-time. Besides Dean Malenko.

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