WWE’s Big E Is Just Out Here Doing Martial Arts In A Hurricane

WWE Superstar Big E hails from Tampa, Florida, which is right smack in the path of Hurricane Irma. While most were boarding up their windows or evacuating to friends and family outside of the storm’s path, Big E went outside to do some TaeKwonDo. We’ll let him explain why:

Hurricanes can be pretty awful but the downtime these storms force residents to endure is real. Some people lose power, some don’t. Some slay their reading lists, some tackle home improvement projects. Big E is a decorated title holder and a likely future World Heavyweight Champion so he can do whatever he wants when he’s bored.

Close his eyes and dream of that New Day turn we’re all six months away from fantasy booking? Do that thing he does with his hips in the mirror for a couple of hours (you know that takes practice)? Practice TaeKwonDo in your front yard during a massive storm? Sure, why not? At least he wasn’t shooting at the storm like other Florida residents were genuinely warned against doing.

If Big E is looking for other things to occupy his time, we recommend studying up the last time a wrestler was bored with a Hurricane, just in case: