Big Sexy Is Out Of The Big House: All Charges Against Kevin Nash Have Been Dropped

This past Christmas wasn’t so merry down at the Nash household as, depending on which story you believe, Kevin Nash may have given his teenage son, Tristen Nash, a chokeslam for Christmas. Nash was arrested for battery, and WWE was pretty much forced to remove Nash from their upcoming “Raw Reunion” special and suspend his Legends contract. Even though WWE’s hands were kind of tied in the matter, Nash apparently didn’t take his suspension well, making it clear on Twitter that you wouldn’t be seeing Kevin Nash in a WWE ring again even after this suspension was up.

Well, I guess we’ll see if Big Sexy is true to his word (I swear, I typed that with a straight face) because he’s officially been cleared of all charges.

According to the Florida State Attorney’s Office, Kevin Nash was not the primary aggressor in the situation, but his son is still under investigation, so unfortunately, the drama isn’t yet over for the Nash family. Nash also had one more Tweet about how WWE handled the situation…

So, for those keeping track, Kevin Nash is officially innocent of one bad thing people have accused him of. The other thousand or so are still up in the air.

via News 13