You Won’t Believe How Much WWE’s Big Show Farts, Or That This Qualifies As Celebrity Gossip

It’s the Monday morning after Christmas. Click a headline about The Big Show farting a lot, won’t you?

Since breaking the news that onscreen rivals Rusev and Lana were offscreen engaged and compromising months of WWE TV, there hasn’t been a lot of pro wrestling news on TMZ. All the coverage going to ESPN didn’t help. Sure, there was a post about Nick Bockwinkel’s passing and they were on the front lines of the Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin “you didn’t really drink all those beers/yeah I did” debate, but they haven’t broken anything.

That cold streak ends today with breaking news about how The Big Show farts so much.

The Miz appeared on an episode of the Allegedly podcast, hosted by two guys who sound like they’ve never interacted with another human being before. They ask him which celebrities are closet wrestling fans and are shocked, shocked to hear that WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwarzenegger likes WWE. Who knew? They also ask Miz if anybody’s ever pooped themselves in the ring, and I swear to God if this had turned into a Weenie and the Butt routine, I wouldn’t have been surprised. Miz notes that nobody’s ever shat themselves on his watch, but that there have been stories, and that Big Show is the gassiest WWE Superstar. Weird, I thought it would’ve been Brie Bella.

Here’s the clip, which, again, is news:

what a stinker, am I right

Hey, look, in the past week, we’ve covered nutshots set to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’, a wrestler earning a dick-centric porn sponsorship and Tiger Mask doing Elvis karaoke 30 years ago, so let he who is without sin cast the first stone or whatever. But still, join us tomorrow for TMZ’s weirdly capitalized followup on how much toilet paper Show goes through in one sitting. It’s gotta be in the ballpark of an entire roll, right? Just logistically speaking.