Big Show Thinks He’s Been On TV Too Much

When Brock Lesnar was WWE World Heavyweight Champion and only appearing at a few shows a year, it divided opinion. One side said the WWE World Heavyweight Champion should be a regular in the company, regularly defending the championship and (at least) showing up at every pay-per-view. The other said Lesnar was a once-in-a-lifetime attraction, and that him only showing up a few times a year made title matches an event. The truth was probably somewhere in the middle. What happens if you’re a once-in-a-lifetime attraction AND you’re there every week?

You’re the Big Show.

Show spoke with Digital Spy about winding down his career as an active pro wrestler, the possibility of his Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam being his final match, and what he’ll do next. The highlight is this soundbite, in which Show says what we’ve all been thinking: Big Show is on TV too much.

You’ve been in the main event for a long time and have been an ever-present. Do you think because you’re always there people take you for granted?

“I think so – I think the uniqueness and the special things that I bring to WWE is sometimes a little bit downplayed because you see me every week. I think that’s one of the things that will happen to me eventually. I’m going to start not being on our programming as much, not being on TV every week.

“Hopefully when I do get a chance to come back, I’ll be able to have a little bit more impact and a little bit more fun. That’s part of what I should have been doing my whole career anyway. I think quite frankly I have been on TV too much, but part of it is necessity and part of it’s ability.”

As for what he’ll do when he’s done …

“Who knows? Maybe even go into commentating or something like that. Maybe I could do pay-per-view commentating or something – special event commentating. I’ve only got three moves! I’ve only had three moves for 20 years so I don’t think I can do much more.”

Here are our extended thoughts on the story: