Goldberg Is Hosting A Reality Competition Show Called ‘Knife Or Death’

04.04.18 1 year ago

Bill Goldberg is a man of many talents. Some of those talents include delivering countless spears and jackhammers to Jerry Lynn and Hugh Morrus, as Brandon Stroud has been lovingly cataloging in his Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro column.

But Goldberg is not just a (probably) retired pro wrestler and impending WWE Hall Of Famer. He also an actor, with a number of TV and movie roles under his belt, most recently as a guest on two episodes of CW show The Flash as well as playing Coach Nick on ABC series The Goldbergs. (Irony, thy name is broadcast television.)

One thing Goldberg’s not had a ton of experience in, however, is being a TV host, having only previously been the host for the car-racing reality show Bull Run in 2007. But all that will change later this month with the premiere of Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death, a new competition series on the History Channel.

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