Bill Goldberg Once Tossed A Caddy Into A Water Hazard, Because He Can Do Whatever He Wants

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01.18.17 2 Comments

Look, we all know that Bill Goldberg is a bad man. If he doesn’t have to push himself farther than a few minutes at a time, the guy can destroy just about anybody and do just about anything he wants to do, and no one can tell him a dang thing. He beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar back in November, he met his wife while dressed as a homicidal Santa Claus, and he has a pet goat named Goatberg. Are YOU gonna tell Goldberg he can’t have a goat? I don’t think so, nerd.

Anyway, in keeping with the “tales of Goldberg doing whatever he wants” theme that will surely pervade the year 2017, the PGA Tour provided a valuable service on their Facebook page, when they uploaded this video from the 2002 CareerBuilder Challenge, in which a caddy ran afoul of a Goldbergman.

Yes, it’s a blatant work, but it’s still awesome to watch Goldberg toss around a puny twerp. That’s always awesome. The only objectionable part of the video is those crummy punches the caddy throws. I know he’s supposed to be playing around, but still … PGA couldn’t book Reckless Youth or Ace Darling or somebody to pose as a caddy in the year 2002? I’m 150 percent positive that Mikey Whipwreck was available.

Anyway, let this serve as a good reminder: don’t engage in any horseplay around Goldberg, or you’re going to wind up in the drink. Also a good reminder: Goldberg has possibly the best fashion sense of anyone on that PGA Tour, backwards baseball cap aside. I guess it’s a good thing he was invited to that event a steady 14 years before he had his beloved, ubiquitous Affliction jacket. That thing’s his danged wooby.

Thank you, PGA, for reminding us of this wonderful, slightly less sweaty Goldberg moment.

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