Bill Goldberg Is Accusing Stone Cold Steve Austin Of Not Really Drinking All Those Beers

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There are a few highlights in this TMZ stop-and-bother with former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg — including him saying he enjoys vomiting more than his time in WWE, which most people who remember Goldberg vs. Lesnar at WrestleMania 20 would agree with — but the key moment is when he accuses prospective Dallas Cowboys QB Stone Cold Steve Austin of being a beer faker.

The moment in question is a 2003 “beer bash” featuring Austin and Goldberg, in which Goldberg drinks a reported 13 beers with a broken hand and Austin just pours them all over his face. Granted, anyone who has ever watched Steve Austin “drink beers” knows that 40 percent goes in the air, 50 percent hits him in the face and only about 10 percent goes in or near his mouth, but this is a kayfabe-crushing illusion for some. Here’s the bash, if you’ve never seen it (or any of them):

Let’s hope this doesn’t hurt Austin’s image as a beer spokesperson. TMZ should stop talking to Goldberg before he reveals that Glacier wasn’t really a karate master, says Scott Hall didn’t really shock him with a taser, or reveals what the initials in “Mr. JL” stood for. That one’s a total mystery.

Video via TMZ

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