Here Are The Details On Why Billy Gunn Lost His WWE Job For Cheating At Powerlifting

On Friday, WWE parted ways with trainer, former King of the Ring and 11-time Tag Team Champion Billy Gunn when it was revealed that he’d tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone during a powerlifting meet. He tested nine times the legal limit and got suspended from the sport for four years. WWE found out about it roughly the same time as the rest of us and let him go.

So, are you wondering why Gunn’s PED abuse never came up at the WWE Performance Center, or how cheating at powerlifting can cost you an unrelated job? Here are the latest details from the Observer to explain:

As noted, Billy Gunn was fired from his job as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center after he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs at a power-lifting competition back in July. WWE was not aware of Gunn’s suspension or the fact that he was doing these competitions.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that it’s believed WWE only tests their contracted talents, not the coaches and staff at the Performance Center. This is probably why there was never a negative WWE Wellness test for Gunn. However, WWE officials were forced to release Gunn because they can’t have one of their trainers testing positive for performance enhancing drugs as it makes their entire developmental program look bad.

To put it another way, watch this clip and imagine Gunn as Hernandez, and WWE as Gunn:

Look on the bright side. It could’ve been worse. At least he didn’t stinkface anyone with a jelly donut in his ass, which is especially fortunate given how his entire representation in the company revolved around his ass.

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