Billy Jack Haynes Is Challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin To A UFC Fight For Being A ‘Woman-Beater’

NSFW language warning

The last time we checked in with former WWF star Billy Jack Haynes, he was suing WWE for over $5 million on claims that he’d contracted Hepatitis C during a bloody match. Now, because people with cameras love finding insane old wrestlers and goading them into saying things, Haynes is challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin to a sanctioned UFC “shoot” for being a “punk-ass woman-beater.”

Haynes wants “one-minute rounds to a finish,” and waves around a certification of vital record for Jean “Lady Blossom” Clarke, Austin’s first wife. It’s also a Glamour Shot?

The choice quote is, “You, and everybody here might think I’m insane,” but I’m also a fan of, “You’re a mark. It’s all a work to you.” Wouldn’t a mark think everything’s a shoot? There’s also a scene left in where he’s being coached on what to say, which seems odd, and Haynes keeps drifting in and out of thinking he’s challenging Vince McMahon. Even the YouTube description is weird:

The most epic video you’ll see this year!! Controversial WWF Superstar Billy Jack Haynes is relentless in his attack on WWE golden boy “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!! The official challenge for Billy Jack vs Stone Cold in a UFC mixed martial arts fight will blow your mind!!

“WWE golden boy?” What year do they think we’re in?