Marvel At 66-Year-Old Bob Backlund’s Latest Feat Of Strength

Bob Backlund is a two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Bob Backlund is a WWE Hall Of Famer. Bob Backlund is also 66 years old. There is no reason that anyone who is 66 years old (and spent three decades of his life taking back bumps) should be in the physical condition Bob Backlund is in — but I guess there’s a reason why he’s a certified life coach and I am just an overweight thirty-something who awkwardly ran on a treadmill next to Dana Brooke at the gym this morning. (True story!)

Case in point: Backlund’s current protege, Darren Young, shared this incredible video to Twitter this morning proving just how much core strength the former champ still has. This is one of those things when after you watch it, you’ll say to yourself, “I could totally do this,” then you go to the mall, approach the escalator and think, “Holy sh*t I was f*cking insane for even considering this, I’m just gonna go to Auntie Anne’s instead and treat myself to a nice pretzel dog.” (Maybe that’s just me.)

Hopefully we get Young attempting the same maneuver, only so we can use the headline “Bob Backlund Makes Darren Young Escalate Again” on a future article. C’mon, D-Young: Do it for the headline.