Celebrate Bobby Heenan’s Colorful Life As The Brain With His Best Quotes

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On Sunday afternoon, we learned that legendary WWE, WCW and AWA manager, wrestler and commentator Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, almost unarguably the best to ever do it, passed away at age 72. By Sunday evening, nearly every voice in the wrestling world shared their thoughts about the Weasel, clarifying a thousand times over that he was a miraculous talent, one of the most influential men in the history of the sports-entertainment business, and more often than not the smartest man in the room.

To remember Bobby, let’s look back at a few of his most quotable quotes. Feel free to use these when you need to be as witty as The Brain, when you’re being chastised by your buddy in blue-tinted sunglasses, or being forced into an ethical action-sports dilemma by a big orange guy in yellow underpants who can’t be beaten no matter how much you cheat.

We love you and miss you already, Brain.