Bobby Roode And Tye Dillinger Brought The NHL Playoffs To NXT With A Hockey Fight

Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger are just two good Canadian boys. And like any Canadian boys, they understand that there is no hatred more pure or more intense than hockey hatred. To wit, the current NHL Playoffs series between the Nashville Predators and the St. Louis Blues has gotten steadily more physical and heated, and only three games in, it looks like the two fanbases are already close to an all-time rivalry.

So naturally, when NXT Live rolled into Missouri for some shows, these two beautiful Canadian boys decided to get some surefire heat from the crowd in their NXT Championship match by donning the jerseys of the appropriate team: the Predators for the heel Roode, and Blues for the beloved babyface Tye Dillinger. As you can expect, this immediately broke down into a [Dario Cueto voice] HOCKEY FIIIIIIGHT!

Sadly, although Dillinger won the hockey fight portion of the match, when the jerseys later came off, Roode once again defeated his old rival after the Glorious DDT. That’s okay, though; Dillinger is just on this tour for funsies, because he’s a main roster guy now.

But let this video serve as a reminder: hockey is the universal language of hatred. If you ever need to really show you hate someone, say it with hockey.