Both Tyson Kidd And Sami Zayn Are Expected To Be Out For The Next Several Months

According to the Wrestling Observer, both Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd will be out of action for the next little while.

Zayn is scheduled to have rotator cuff surgery, putting him out until at least October. NXT has tentatively scheduled an October special and subsequent tapings starting on the 7th, so fingers crossed that he’ll be back in time for that.

Tyson Kidd, however, may not be so lucky. As we noted previously, Kidd worked Samoa Joe’s first WWE return match at the Raw taping in San Antonio. Shortly thereafter, word came out that Kidd was injured during the match. Speculation to the severity of the injury has been somewhat curtailed in an ongoing effort by WWE to keep injuries quiet (presumably so articles like this one don’t get out of hand). The Wrestling Observer further noted that Kidd suffered a spinal injury and is hoping to avoid surgery.

Both Kidd and Cesaro were at the SmackDown tapings the next night in Houston, but were removed from the card. is currently reporting a similar timeframe as the Observer, saying that those inside WWE are saying he’ll be out for “several months.” The injury is said to have occurred when Kidd took Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster finisher on his neck. This fan video of the end of the match makes it look like he still bumped on his back, but this kind of rampant speculation is what happens when you keep injuries quiet and don’t officially acknowledge them. Hopefully WWE will be addressing it soon.