Here’s What We Learned From Brad Maddox’s Reddit AMA

It’s been a rough time for Brad Maddox fans. His sudden release from WWE after using some salty language at a house show came as a shock, especially because┬áhe played ball with The Undertaker on The Tonight Show and politely took a dirt nap for the Deadman. But if you can possibly pull yourself away from your 900th play of “See You Again” and take a look at his online presence, you can see that Maddox seems to be doing okay, all things considered.

Over on Reddit, he finally addressed a waiting public with an AMA session. Here’s some of the wisdom of Raw’s most Tim-and-Eric general manager ever.

– On his favorite people backstage: “My favorite was Xavier Woods. Bray and Bo are also two of the nicest guys in wrestling.”
– On the YouTube videos he made during his time off television: “I was trying to kill time and trying to build a following [Zack] Ryder style, but I’m not sure if anyone really watched those. I showed Vince one and he loved it, but nothing ever came of it.”
– On his opinion of Roman Reigns and his booking: “They obviously see money in him, so they’re going to push the guy the hardest because he is worth the most. I think it’ll grow into a Cena situation, where he makes the company money and the hardcore fans will hate him. I do think he’s better than what the online communities give him credit for, and he’s probably getting hurt with hardcore fans by the push he’s getting.”
– On why he was chosen to get Tombstoned on The Tonight Show: “I think it was a combination of Vince wanting to give me something to do and the overseas tour was going on and I was probably the only one left in America.”
– On working with Vickie Guerrero: “She was a super nice lady. We had a great working relationship. I miss working with her. I was sad to see her go.”
– On his favorite part of his WWE run: “Easily, doing the WWE App with Matt Striker. That was my little bit of freedom that I had because we wouldn’t plan a thing that we said, and I was just as goofy as possible, and Striker was awesome to work with and he was highly underrated.”
– On looking like a young Eric Bischoff: “I’ve been told that at least a 100 times. The first person being Rick Rodgers, and everyone from Heyman and Stephanie McMahon. Heyman wanted to do something with that as a story.”

I see no reason why we can’t do the Time-Traveling Eric Bischoff angle somewhere on the indies. Chikara’s starting up a new season soon and they love time travel, just saying.