Brad Maddox’s New YouTube Show Is A Rescue Flare From A Superstar That Needs Saving

It’s time to change the way we think about which pro wrestlers need our support. We spend so long online complaining about guys like Cesaro not getting a “push” and winning matches, but he’s still a pretty regular fixture on weekly WWE TV. We’ll worry about Daniel Bryan when he’s main-eventing pay-per-views but not winning how we’d like. Sometimes we’ll take it to developmental and wonder why Sami Zayn’s losing, or characters like Tyler Breeze losing focus. Again, those people are all on television. You know who actually needs that effort? Brad Maddox.

The former screwy referee turned Raw General Manager — and a talented wrestler, which we always seem to forget — hasn’t been ANYTHING on WWE TV. NXT TV. Anything TV. He’s done what he could to keep himself visible through a funny news show with an adorable child and a killer promo the one time they let him onto the WWE App, but it doesn’t seem to be getting him anywhere. He can’t wait for them to do it, and he can’t get any help doing it himself.

That’s sorta the topic of his new show, ‘This Show Brad Made.’ That, and arguing with himself while he plays Mario Kart. It’s funny and endearing and all the things we love about Brad Maddox, and if you want to actually support someone and cause a grass roots movement that doesn’t involve Sign Guy getting a free shirt and ring time, watch it and share it with people. Beef Mode’s the greatest, and I don’t want to see him sitting here playing Mario Kart forever.