Brad Maddox’s Web Show, And The Do’s And Don’ts Of The Modern Job Interview

Hey hey, it’s that time again. You know, where we continue to tell you to give all of your love and adoration to our precious Beef Mode while shoving a few extra jokes in for posterity. This week, on This Show Brad Made:

Now stuck in the year 1979, and having failed to save Lincoln, Brad must now find his way back to the year 2009 via walking. After 30 years of walking, a now crippled Maddox meets the one man he never thought he would: Justin Bieber (Miley Cyrus). After discussing nothing of value, Bieber endows Brad the knowledge he’d been seeking: how to make people care about stupid shit.

What do you think is worse: walking for miles in a pit of danger or walking for 30 years above ground in relative safety? Is wrestling Ryback kinda like playing GoldenEye in “Slappers Only” mode? What was it like working with Brendan Gleeson? This and many of your other burning questions are definitely not answered during this week’s Double Interview Rapidfire Interview Roast: