Braun Strowman Tried To Kill Kane And Brock Lesnar With A Grappling Hook


In 2017 we watched The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman destroy the ring by throwing The Big Show at it, survive a murder in a garbage truck only to return with haunted garbage powers and, perhaps most famously, flip an ambulance with his bare hands.

If you were worried that 2018 wouldn’t be as absurd and wonderful for Braun, Monday’s Raw featured Strowman using a grappling hook to pull a huge lighting truss down onto Kane and Brock Lesnar to end a backstage brawl. A GRAPPLING HOOK. When did Braun become The Monster Among Batmen?


And here it is in GIF form, for your records:


Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Has there ever been a WWE Superstar with a higher environmental damage rating than Braun Strowman? Brock Lesnar’s plan is, “fight two guys.” Kane’s plan is, “fight two guys, possibly with fire?” Braun’s plan is, “drive a bulldozer to the arena and use it to push the building and everyone in it into the ocean. Then SET THE OCEAN ON FAHRRR.”

Kane was able to stagger away under his own strength, while Brock Lesnar was taken to the Local Medical Facility against his will. The three will meet for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble, which we hope involves Batarangs.

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