McMahonsplaining, The With Spandex Podcast Episode 20: Braun Strowman

Hey, have you heard of this guy? It’s the MONSTER AMONG MEN BRAUN STROWMAN, a WWE Superstar who spent his 2017 flipping ambulances, throwing 500-pound men through steel cage walls and either destroying the ring or powerslamming people through it.

In this conversation with Braun — pronounced, “BRAAAAAAAAUUNNNNNNNNN!” — we talk about the adorable little kid version of Braun Strowman, inquire about whether or not that “Raw invades Smackdown” bit from before Survivor Series means he’s finished with Roman Reigns, and find out exactly what happened when he was murdered inside a garbage truck at TLC and showed up in a different part of the country in the back of a DIFFERENT garbage truck a week later. Consider this the “everything you wanted to ask Braun Strowman about, but were afraid to ask” edition of McMahonsplaining.

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