Breaking D’awwws: WWE’s Brad Maddox Is Reporting The News With An Adorable Moppet

Oh Brad Maddox — he came, he hung around for a couple years not really doing anything, then he disappeared, and yet none of us will ever forget him. He hasn’t been released by WWE, but we haven’t seen hide nor beautifully coiffed hair of the guy in months, so what’s the ol’ Mad Ox been up to?

Well, apparently he has a new gig reporting Charlotte-area local interest stories with some random adorable moppet. With Spandex exclusive insider scoop — this kid that looks just like Brad Maddox and his wife, is, in fact, Brad Maddox’s daughter.

Check out the first two hard-hitting episodes of The Prime Hour News below…

If Maddox doesn’t return as Assistant Raw Managing Supervisor with Eva Bailey as the new Assistant to the Assistant Raw Managing Supervisor, I’ll be crushed.

via BradMaddoxReality on YouTube