This ‘Making A Murderer’ Subject’s Brother Is Trying To Get Pro Wrestlers To Visit Prison

If you’re like most of the internet, you’ve spent the last month developing very strong opinions about Netflix’s Making A Murderer. It’s so relevant right now you’ve got Nancy Grace bonding with Donnie from The New Kids On The Block over it.

In episode 4, Wisconsin teenager Brendan Dassey — currently serving a 41-one year sentence after convictions of being a party to first-degree intentional homicide, second-degree sexual assault and mutilating a corpse — is sad because the then-ongoing murder investigation is going to make him miss WrestleMania. That was WrestleMania 22, meaning Brendan never got to see Mick Foley go through a flaming table, Rey Mysterio win the World Heavyweight Championship or The Undertaker defeat Mark Henry in a surprisingly great casket match. According to Ryan Satin over at Pro Wrestling Sheet, Dassey’s brother Brad is trying to contact names from a list of Brendan’s favorite wrestlers to try to get them to visit him in prison.

As for whether Brendan has been able to watch wrestling whatsoever in jail since he was put away in 2006, Brad tells us he’s almost certain it’s a no — but one fan of the show is sending him a WrestleMania box set that he instructed Dassey to hold on to until his brother is released.

God, I hope Chris Benoit isn’t on the list.

The story has a lot of sad modifiers, such as the fact that the prison has strict rules about who is allowed to visit, meaning that if The Boogeyman or whoever agreed to show up and hang out with Brendan, he could be denied. Also sad is the note that someone sent Brendan a WrestleMania boxed set, but he’s not allowed to watch it until he gets out of prison. He’s up for parole in 2048. That’s a lot of WrestleManias. If this doesn’t work, maybe someone can enter to Brad Dassey’s rap anthem at WrestleMania 65.

Can you imagine being a wrestling fan and being stuck somewhere where you can’t watch it for 40 years? I’m spoiled and entitled enough to be mad when WWE Network hasn’t added newer episodes of Nitro. Hopefully this story has a happier ending than all the other stories around it.