Bret Hart Still Thinks Seth Rollins Is A ‘Really Lousy Wrestler’

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is a sports entertainment legend, and undeniably one of the best pro wrestlers in the history of the world. That said, man, does the guy have a stick up his butt about Seth Rollins. It started last November when Hart told Sports Illustrated that Rollins was “unprofessional” and “reckless” after he accidentally broke John Cena’s nose with a knee strike. Of course, those remarks got back to Rollins, who was, unsurprisingly, bummed out. That’s not stopping Hart from continuing to voice his displeasure, though: On a recent episode of the Heated Conversations with Booker T podcast, the Hitman spoke at length about his true feelings toward the Architect of the Shield, and they were a bit on the mixed side.

“I hope Seth Rollins becomes the safest, best wrestler in the world,” Hart commented. “And I wish him all the luck in the world. And I’m not trying to pick on him. I’m just trying to remind him that it’s not about hurting guys. That doesn’t make you a good wrestler. It makes you a really lousy wrestler.”

Hart then revealed that he heard Rollins’ remarks on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and it didn’t change his opinion any, remarking:

“Chris Jericho and Seth did a podcast a few months ago and they were kind of ragging on me for making such a big deal about one little accident in the ring. But I watched, really closely, the match where he kneed John Cena in the face. And do you know what? There’s no excuse for those kinds of mistakes. If you’re doing CrossFit all day and you’re too tired to do your stuff in the ring… there’s just no excuse. And you watch a guy grab a guy and jerk his head down and see him full blast knee him in the face as hard as you can, and actually move his nose to the side of his head, there’s just no room for those kinds of mistakes. He’s lucky, really lucky, that he didn’t kill John Cena right in the middle of the ring. That’s a potential fatality when you make those kinds of mistakes. And then, I know I kind of made a big thing about it, and, the truth is, there’s no room for mistakes in wrestling. When you make a mistake, one time, you could cost somebody’s family everything that they’ve got.”

Okay, so despite Bret Hart coming off more than a bit crotchety through all of this, he does have a point, though maybe he should try making it directly to Rollins face-to-face instead of through the media. Oh, wait, what’s that? He does this all the time, whether it’s about Triple H, Shane McMahon or even his niece Natalya? Oh. Well. Carry on then, sir. Enjoy your stew.

(transcription h/t Wrestling Inc.)