Bret Hart Publicly Apologizes To Michael Hayes, Seth Rollins And Triple H For His Comments

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10.14.16 10 Comments

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Bret Hart has been in the wrestling news as of late because of all the relentless sh*t he’s been talking about pretty much everyone. He ran down the accomplishments and ability of Triple H, called Seth Rollins an unsafe worker several times over, and most recently ran down Michael Hayes and the Fabulous Freebirds, saying they never contributed anything to wrestling history. Basically, he’s been busy getting all these knives out. But in a sudden reversal, he is now owning up to his negativity and trying to bury the hatcher with everyone in one fell swoop.

On Thursday, Hart took to his Facebook page to issue a thorough and heartfelt apology to Hayes, and seems like he’s really had time to reflect and think things through. While he was at it, he offered an apology to Triple H and Seth Rollins for his “hurtful comments.” This section, in particular, is far more introspective and thoroughly apologetic than just about any statement you’ll see from any professional athlete:

The reality of all this is the reason I quit doing podcasts in general, because they’re for the most part an outlet for negativity, and have left me with a reputation as being angry and bitter. I’m not, I’d spoke candidly and openly but it’s no excuse for minimizing other wrestlers or their contributions.

You can read Hart’s full post and comments below.

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