Lucha Underground’s CAGE Becomes A Monster Machine In Season 2 Of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’

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We’re sitting over here waiting for any and all news regarding a season two of El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground, so when El Rey shot me an e-mail telling me a Lucha Underground star was guesting on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, we jumped all over it.

Here in all its glory is Lucha star CAGE as a monster — and a machine, in case you were wondering — on season two of FDTD. He looks great, and as the clip proves, he’s still susceptible to headscissors takedowns.

From the season two description:

In Season Two, the show travels between Mexico and the edgy, tricked-out Texas of Robert Rodriguez. It also deepens and complicates the core relationships between the characters, while adding new faces and new dynamics. Our characters are all living in very separate worlds – Santánico and Richie are outside Houston, doing their best Bonnie and Clyde; Seth and Kate are scraping by South of the Border; and Freddie Gonzalez is protecting his wife and young daughter in the suburbs. Carlos Madrigal and Scott Fuller emerge from the Titty Twister, changed men. They will all come together once again – this time facing off against an even bigger threat.

I was hoping “… and then Pentagon Jr. shows up and tries to break Richie’s arm” would be in there, but maybe they’re saving that for season 3. From Dusk Till Dawn‘s 10-episode second season is set to premiere on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. EST, so make sure you try to watch it. El Rey Network needs confirmation that we’ll watch every time there’s a Lucha Underground character on, so they hurry up and rebuild The Temple.