Former WWE Superstar Brian Christopher Was Hospitalized After A Hotel Brawl

03.17.18 1 year ago 9 Comments


Brian Christopher Lawler, son of Jerry the King, former WWE Superstar, and the artist once known as Grandmaster Sexay, required surgery after a fight with former TNA performer Chase Stevens. Amazingly, that fight happened last month in Indiana, but has only recently come to light publicly. Stevens, aka Jonathan Ryan Clark, was arrested for attacking Lawler, although he claimed self defense.

If you don’t remember Chase Stevens, he was one half of the Naturals in TNA, who somehow were three-time NWA World Tag Team Champions.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the fight began in a hotel room, but a badly beaten Lawler made his way down to the lobby. From the police report:

Lawler said he was attacked for no reason but he was very confused. The physician reported that Lawler had several broken bones in his face, broken teeth and that surgery was required. Officers were told that a trauma team had been activated after Lawler’s injuries had been evaluated. Lawler was intoxicated on alcohol and admitted he is on several prescription drugs. Lawler told me that he absolutely wanted to pursue charges against Clark.

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