Brian Pillman’s Son Might Be Embarking On A Career As A Pro Wrestler

This year will be the 20th anniversary of the death of Brian Pillman, if you can believe it. “The Loose Cannon” has only seen his legend grow since his passing. Today’s he’s viewed as a visionary for originality, dedication to character, and having a truly out-there mind for wrestling.

But now his legacy may live on in a different way. His son, Brian Pillman Jr., is just 23 years old, and was only three when his father died. According to the latest Wrestling Observer, Pillman Jr. recently reached out to Lance Storm about training him to be a pro wrestler. He was reportedly a standout athlete in high school football, so the athleticism is there, and he has followed in his father’s footsteps in at least one respect already. (Brian Pillman Sr., of course, played in the NFL for the Bengals.)

The Observer mentions that Brian would not be the first second-generation Pillman to go into wrestling. His older stepsister Alexis was trained years ago and worked the indies before tragically dying in a car accident at the age of 26.

We wish Brian all the best and hope that “Loose Cannon Jr.” will show a lot of promise. Hopefully we’ll be providing you with an update about him receiving a WWE tryout someday. Or an ROH tryout! Whatever! Whatever he wants to do!