Brock Lesnar Has Said To Hell With ‘Hell In A Cell.’ Here’s WWE’s Terrible Back-Up Plan.

WWE having a part-timer like Brock Lesnar as a champion has been different, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. If handled properly, Brock can be a special attraction that only shows up in a significant way on pay-per-view, thus driving buys/network sign-ups. Unfortunately WWE hasn’t handled it properly because we’re only into the second month of Brock’s title reign and he’s already no-showing a PPV.

That’s right, Brock Lesnar will not be at Hell in a Cell. Paul Heyman was originally supposed to make an appearance on this week’s Raw to set up something for Hell in a Cell, but it was scrapped at the last moment, and now The Wrestling Observer is confirming WWE won’t be wasting one of Brock’s precious dates on the show.

So, what’s WWE to do while Brock is sequestered away in a duck blind made out of Jimmy Johns? Well, according to the Observer again, the plan is to have the semi-contentious relationship between John Cena and Dean Ambrose spiral into a match. Whoever wins that match will get a match against Seth Rollins in the main event, and the loser will wrestle Randy Orton. All these matches would be in the Cell. That sounds awful. Not that I dislike Ambrose or Rollins, but that set-up is so needlessly convoluted — I’d roll my eyes if Teddy Long booked something like this for Smackdown, never mind a pay-per-view.

If I can put on my fantasy booking hat for a second — Ambrose/Rollins doesn’t need to be futzed around with. Just make it a one-on-one match, maybe with Money in the Bank on the line. So what do you do with Cena? Give him Rusev in the Cell and have Cena finally get the win for America. A nice, simple card that’s a lot easier to sell than the nonsense they’re planning.

So yeah, WWE must be thanking their lucky stars for that six-month commitment period right now.

via Wrestling Inc. & EWrestlingNews