Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman Answer Our Hard-Hitting Questions About Jimmy John’s

SummerSlam weekend kicked off this year with the WWE 2K17 launch party, where media were able to play a hands-on demo for the upcoming game and talk to a number of WWE Superstars about the game and a lot more. We’ll have a lot more interviews for you this week and next, but we’re kicking things off the best way we possibly can: by asking Brock Lesnar about sandwiches and fears.

Since Brock Lesnar is the world’s foremost sandwich enthusiast (and Paul Heyman is at least in part his sandwich advocate), we decided to go for the jugular and flex our journalistic muscle … and ask a bevy of Jimmy John’s-themed questions.

That’s not all we asked, of course. But in our short time with The Beast Incarnate, that’s certainly where our priorities were. And we got to the bottom of that shirt discrepancy for you. You’re welcome.

So you have your marching orders, With Spandex army. Go out and write to your local congressperson (or WWE, or whatever) and tell them you DEMAND authentic Brock Lesnar shirts. Ones with the Jimmy John’s logo, dammit. No sleep until Jimmy John’s.