Brock Lesnar Is Reportedly ‘Really Happy’ With Samoa Joe Following Great Balls Of Fire

So, you didn’t win the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire. At least the champion who makes his own schedule and does whatever he wants enjoyed your company!

According to, Brock Lesnar was “really, really happy” with Samoa Joe following their main event title match at Great Balls of Fire. If you missed the show, the champ retained after an F-5, but most of the match was dedicated to Joe straight-up kicking Brock’s ass. The report notes that Lesnar was, “particularly thrilled that Joe was able to keep up with his physical style and was able to give it back.” That should be good news for Joe going forward, and will hopefully give us another Lesnar/Joe match in the future instead of moving on to other things.

Lesnar’s opinion carries a lot of weight in WWE, and has influenced the company’s booking before. Last November, Dave Meltzer reported that Brock had “pushed hard” to lose to Bill Goldberg in only 86 seconds at Survivor Series to help get him over, WCW style, and build a series of matches instead of a one-and-done blow-off.

If broad declarations of number one contendership are to be believed, Brock Lesnar is supposed to face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. Maybe this will change that, and we’ll get Brock versus his preferred Samoan Joe.