Paul Heyman Doesn’t Plan On Accompanying Brock Lesnar To The Octagon At UFC 200

During a “State of Suplex City Address” presented by 2K Sports, Paul Heyman opened the floor up for a Q&A from the press. While a lot of questions focused on the upcoming WWE brand split (which Heyman could only speculate on), we decided to ask him about the question that really mattered: would he be accompanying Brock Lesnar to the Octagon when his client makes his MMA return at UFC 200?

Heyman responded, first, by laughing. Then he elaborated on his perceived utter uselessness in this endeavor:

“What purpose would I be serving if I were to be accompanying Brock Lesnar to the Octagon on July 9? Will I tell him to throw more jabs? Will I tell him to go for the takedown now? Switch to the jiu-jitsu concept? I find it funny that there’s all this speculation as to whether I’ll accompany Brock to the Octagon for his fight against Mark Hunt.

“I wish I could serve a purpose, or find a purpose to serve, to go out to the Octagon with Brock. It will be very funny for me to actually watch him walk down the aisle without me, but until I find a genuine purpose for me to accompany Brock to the Octagon on July 9, I really don’t know in what capacity I could serve to help him win that fight over Mark Hunt.”

I think I can say that just about everyone would receive a solid morale boost just by remaining in the presence of Paul Heyman, so he may be undervaluing his own worth. However, if there is anyone who wouldn’t need a confidence boost from Heyman being around, it’s probably Brock Lesnar.