Brock Lesnar Wants More Money From WWE, And To Fight In UFC At The Same Time

A quick recap of the Brock Lesnar story that keeps on giving: He was actually backstage at this week’s Raw, but for some reason, he wasn’t used to save a show that really, really needed him. It was later revealed that an angry Brock stormed out partway through the show over some sort of business concern.

First off, I unfortunately have to kill a very juicy rumor. Yesterday, a poster on Reddit claiming to have inside knowledge said that Roman Reigns failed a drug test, which upset Brock, who doesn’t want to be associated with any drug-related controversy in advance of a possible UFC return. Numerous more reliable sources have since shot this story down, and WWE itself has responded, claiming that the story is “absolutely false,” so we can put that tall tale to bed, I think.

So, what was Brock really upset about? According to the Wrestling Observer, Brock is at an impasse with WWE over two issues: money, and wanting to fight for UFC while still remaining under contract to WWE. Reportedly, the former is the bigger issue. If I had to speculate, and dammit, I do, it sounds like Brock pitched working for WWE and UFC at the same time, WWE insisted on him being exclusive, Brock responded with, “Okay, then pay me, chumps,” and things went south from there.

Word is that the issue still isn’t settled, but it shouldn’t jeopardize the WrestleMania main-event because WWE would sue Brock like crazy if he tried to no-show that. Then again, Brock has clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t sweat WWE’s lawyers in the past, so we’ll see how this continues to develop.

Via Wrestling Inc.