Here’s The Latest Piece Of Bullet Club Merchandise You Need To Buy And Wear Everywhere

If you don’t watch New Japan Pro Wrestling, here’s what you need to know about the Bullet Club: They’re a sort of millennial version of the New World Order, and fans will tell you they’re nothing like them despite the iconic black and white T-shirts, Too Sweet hand gestures and beatdowns. You’ve probably seen a dozen Bullet Club T-shirts at every live wrestling event for the past two years. That’s what that is. “Biz Cliz” is the cool kids abbreviation.

Pro-wrestling merch upstart POWERBOMB — follow them, as it’s run by delightful people — have created the ultimate piece of Biz Cliz merchandise, and I’m shamelessly plugging it here because it took this long for someone to make it. Behold, the TOO SWEET ME foam finger. It is, dare we say, currently in possession of an excess of sweetness:

Powerbomb’s going to be touring around at various live events (such as Saturday’s Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in New Jersey) with their exclusive merch, so if you get a chance to stop by and grab a foam finger, do it. They’re also reissuing old Mick Foley T-shirts like the “bang bang” cactus, which I’ve wanted since I was too young to afford wrestling shirts at WCW shows. Wrestling merch doesn’t have to be terrible to exist, believe it or not!

First person to take one of these to Full Sail and get Finn Bálor to Too Sweet it is my hero.